Make Your Living Space Looks Cool

The key to making any place looks like it comes from a Tumblr or Pinterest page is to have a piece of decoration. Here are some ways that you can get just the decor that you need.

Thrift an item and upcycle it yourself

goldThere are so many good reasons to why you should start going to thrift shop whenever you can. First of all, usually a thrift store has a good cause where the profit that they make will go towards a reason that will make someone else’s life better, you can also find a gem that will cost you far less while contributing to creating less garbage in this world. Because not everything that is available at the thrift store is cool looking, it is up to your creativity to turn it into something that is trendy at the moment. Try investing in gold paint and some DIY tools because sometimes you can even surprise yourself with how beautiful it will turn out at the end if you put enough effort in it.

Go to Target or a dollar store

Honestly, a cheapskate and a lazy person that still wants to make their room looking neat will probably know this already. Going to other places and ordering stuff online does not make sense if you could go to Target and buy cute decoration for a very reasonable price. You can every give the dollar store a try because sometimes you will never know if that is your lucky day and you can stumble upon an item that looks expensive but cost you less than one meal.

Shop at high-end lifestyle website

If you have the budget for expensive decor at Anthropologie, West Elm, or Urban Outfitters, then you should go for it. All of their products are usually trendy and will make your place looks better. Though if you want to work a little bit more then there are some items that you can DIY yourself.

Make DIYs

Believe or not, some people enjoy crafting and making stuff with their hands. There are too many good tutorials out there that you have no excuse to say that you do not know how to make something or you lack information on how you can make your dream come true. Go to YouTube instead of blogs because that might be more convenient to learn through watching how is it done and what to expect from doing the project.